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pit lane
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  1. Track Plans
    New poster here, coming back into the hobby after a 30+ year break (last set was a Scalextric 400 with 6 wheel March). I'm embarking on a 3-board fold-away project to allow me to race Scalextric with son and daughter. Each board is 1600mm x 600mm, with 18mm ply framing. I've gone ahead and...
  2. Carrera Digital D-132 (Pro X)
    I'm searching I can't find the answers: 1 Part 127591 Straight with 2x Start Markings, anyone seen this for sale? 2 Holding Speed button when Powering on, can anyone explain the 4 modes? Mode 2 seems to use both the Fuel sensor and Start Finish Sensor as Lap Counters. 3 Are there any good...
  3. Wanted
    Hi! Im looking for some Ninco Digital parts: A Pit Lane and a double lane changer. Can anyone help?
  4. Digital
    Scalextric Digital ARC Pro Pit Lane CB Sport OK well something very odd has occurred. I dismantled my track and boards and relocated everything to the lounge room and created a new track. Got everything setup, applied power and did a test run and everything fine, checked the LC's all good...
  5. Tracks & Scenery
    I'm starting a journey on building a permanent scalextric digital layout, and want to eventually fully landscape it. I want an oval for fun racing & for the kids, And a road course. I've tried to combine both via a joint pit lane. A) Will this work? B) if so, will I need to set up a power relay...
1-5 of 5 Results