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  1. Scratch building
    Thanks to Nimrod444, I had access to a lovely 908/3 body. I of course promptly started messing with it, and made a representation of a Joest 908-03 turbo. While it came out well enough, I printed it flat on the plate and it has convinced me to go back to printing nose or tail down. It will...
  2. West London Scalextric Club
    The NSR Porshe 908 is becoming more popular ,,, watch out Slot It Lancia Lc2! The results are in.
  3. West London Scalextric Club
    Well, into the end part of the season. Time to try picking up points for the championship. A couple new cars out this week, start of a new trend? Following on from last weekend's NSR Classic Le Mans Championship held at Nascot Wood, some of the participants brought along their rather rapid...
1-3 of 3 Results