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  1. Slot Rally & Raid
    Mijn indruk van de Ninco Rally Peugeot 307 WRC simple Tuning
  2. Wanted
    Hi gang, If anyone has a spare classic Mini please do give me a shout. Used-and-given-up-with is fine, they're rather peculiar little beasts but it's remiss of me not to have kept one. Ideally C3485 but any considered. Many thanks.
  3. Media - Magazine, TV, Film, Video, Photo & Web
    Well its been emotional but after five books in six years and 12 books in 17 years, its time to take a pause on spending my spare time wittering on about old cars and drivers - in book form at least. The Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 will be the last motor sport book from Haynes, which is quite a burden...
  4. Scratch building
    Hi all, I would like to show you a new Japanese rally car that I have finished. It's the Toyota Toyopet Crown that participated in the Mobilgas rally of Australia in 1957. Therefore this car is, according to the chronicles, the first Toyota to compete in a rally. To make this model I used...
  5. The SlotForum 'Swap Shop'
    Right: some one-offs, some rarities and some other stuff! A lot of these have been collected as pairs and I'd prefer to sell them as such. All prices include UK post, overseas possible at cost, Sensible offers welcome. SCX Vintage Ferrari 330 P3, painted and declared as John Surtees/Mike Parkes...
  6. Slot Rally & Raid
    This is my review of a car that I purchased in the normal manner and at the normal retail price. The long established manufacturer Team-Slot recently released models of the Lancia Delta HF 4WD. You might wonder what that car is - it was the first production all-wheel drive Lancia Delta and was...
  7. Media - Magazine, TV, Film, Video, Photo & Web
    It's been a while since a gratuitous book plug, so thought that I should make up for lost time or I'll get double parked! Following on from my previous books in the Haynes Manuals series on classic racing cars, in 2019 the Audi Quattro Group 4 and Group B book came out. It was a real joy to do...
  8. The SlotForum 'Swap Shop'
    Hi all, A few to find new homes for please. All prices include UK post - happy to source overseas shipping cost if required. I'll give these a week and then list any stragglers elsewhere. Happy to do reasonable deals. Thanks for looking! Scalextric C3671 Ford Mustang - John Bowe, 2011...
  9. 1:43 scale
    Anyone interested in the inside of the WRC branded 1:43 cars? Body is held on by 4 screws. Its not obvious to me how the (black) windows are inserted but the body seems to be molded around them. So the windows are not easily removable. The front lights work but not the tail lights so only one...
  10. Slot Rally & Raid
    As if by magic, our club film editor has awoken and delivered the final version of our little film. It's got Dale's 'nerf of the century' and some other stuff... plus Steve Ryder, Jean-Michel Jarre, Murray Walker - and lots of other period goodness. Enjoy!
  11. Slot Rally & Raid
    Hi guys! As I had commented on another topic, this track I created without knowing if it will work or not ... Because my last contact with SlotCar was 26 years ago ... (I was 9 years old) I started with simple ideas, for example, just make the trail with the router and put the copper tape. Just...
  12. Slot Rally & Raid
    Slot rally/raid regs - where are we these days?Do you, or would you prefer, to separate cars by performance such as 'Stock' and 'Pro'?Yes2184.00%No416.00%Other (please describe in the thread)00.00%Do you, or would you prefer, to permit modification from 'box standard' configuration?No - except...
  13. Tracks & Scenery
    It's been a few years since I had chance to set up my track, but I was rummaging through a few old photos so I thought I might as well post them. It's a temporary analogue Scalextric track, mixed Sport and Classic, with some attempt at scenery modules, buildings, figures, trees etc. The...
  14. Slot Rally & Raid
    Check out the new Teamslot Audi Quattro A2 "Ypres24 1986" Mudchukka
  15. 1:43 scale
    Hi Guys Have you spotted the new WRC 1/43 Rally Sets ? Cars with lights too. Mudchukka
  16. The Pit Lane
    Basically I bought a Fly variable controller from Getslotted a while ago, probably over 6 months - anyway it seemed to work fine. But tonight whilst testing a few different cars on my home circuit (a porsche, a fly porsche and a scaley merc dtm) I noticed whatever knob/control I turned...
1-16 of 16 Results