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  1. 1:32 scale Cars
    I just purchased a new Scalextric Ford GT40 and the pickup pops off all the time under hard cornering. I inspected the part and it seems to look ok (no broken bits). Does anyone have a fix for this? Replace with a different pickup that is secured by a screw or somesuch? Thanks.
  2. Vintage & Collector's corner
    Does anyone have advice on rewinding Formula Junior motors? I got a few of these motors in a scrapyard joblot a few years back, I've managed to get three of them running but I'm left with one that is completely dead and one that will only work after a manual spin of the wheels. After poking...
  3. oXigen
    Hi all I have altogether bought 2 Slot it SCP2 controller from an authorized Slot it retailer in Singapore 3 weeks ago but unfortunately one of it cannot be able to activate the build in Ghost/ Pace car mode available on the SCP2 controller so would like to seek help here if anyone using SCP2...
  4. Ninco Digital
    I have had this set for awhile got it back out and everything works perfect. I bought a new car with the chip installed it has the newer style with the orange case. When I put it the track to bind it the chip went up in smoke. I also found some chips on Amazon and purchased two of them. I hooked...
1-4 of 4 Results