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  1. Digital
    Hi guys, I am currently doing a uni project where I have to design a premium hand throttle for Scalextric digital. I would like to know what sort of features you wish they exist on the throttle that would greatly help you enthusiasts in a race. Also, I have looked into the Scalextric app, I see...
  2. Tracks & Scenery
    My son has his 6th Birthday coming up. With Covid, I have been thinking maybe we could safely socially distance with wireless controllers and do some racing outdoors. I could put one or two of these folding table things on our driveway and perhaps put 2 plywood sheets on top and make sure...
  3. The SlotForum 'Swap Shop'
    Hi everybody I am selling my Scalextric Digital upgrade kit due to track change which includes. scalextric digital advanced 6 car powerbase with update firmware (tested) 2x scalextric digital power supply (tested) PC to powerbase USB cable (working as of last use) 7x scalextric digital...
  4. Scalextric Digital (APB, ARC PRO)
    Absolutely new to the forum, and slot racing. Mom helping my 8 year old son. Any tips and videos, instructions on how to convert an analog autoart car to run on a scalextric digital will make me a hero mom. Thanks! This is what I have...
  5. Tracks & Scenery
    Jason and I hope to be producing some new more concise reference material for J-Trak soon but in the mean time I thought I would kick off a build thread for my new layout Flat8 Autodrome. In case you haven't seen the thread on my last build here is my current J-Trak circuit Modulonza.
1-5 of 5 Results