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  1. 3D Printing
    Another project has elbowed into the queue...well I couldn't resist :ROFLMAO: This was the plan: ...I don't expect to get close to that but it's got a coat of paint. Awaiting a 1mm Molotow pen before going further as I'll end up having to retouch the paintwork afterwards then a coat of...
  2. Analogue Race Control, Lap Timing & Software.
    I have a DS200 and a two lane bridge which is great for putting under a track but what about a portable bridge with a light sensor that shines across the track. I have 3D printed a Dunlop bridge and would like to turn this into a timing bridge that plugs into the DS200 for single lane use. I...
  3. Manx Slot Car Club
    The work party was Kev, Brian & Chris. Recently purchased from Pendle, the modular track doesn't have a permanent place in the club room but ideally will need one, for now though we'll put the track together on the Saturday before Slot Rally and put it all away on the Saturday after...
  4. 3D Printing
    This isn't a car I would have even considered before but an upcoming interesting proxy got me searching through 50's film footage of the Monte Carlo Rally, lo and behold this huge monster was spotted rounding a downhill left hand hairpin and I thought...THAT'S the one! Luckily there's a 3D...
  5. Manx Slot Car Club
    MSCC Slot Rally 2022 results and reports
  6. Events
    Hi, we are proud to announce we are running our Spring rally on Sunday May 8th. You can enter up to 4 cars. £4 per car. Classes will be :- Classic (Up to 1979) 80’s / 90’s Modern (2000 onwards) I will post the full rules in the next few weeks. The rules will be to Slot Rally UK spec...
  7. Wanted
    Dear, I‘m trying since lightyears to get one! Please, help me!😉
    $200 USD
  8. Media - Magazine, TV, Film, Video, Photo & Web
    Well its been emotional but after five books in six years and 12 books in 17 years, its time to take a pause on spending my spare time wittering on about old cars and drivers - in book form at least. The Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 will be the last motor sport book from Haynes, which is quite a burden...
  9. Slot Rally & Raid
    Check out the new Teamslot Audi Quattro A2 "Ypres24 1986" Mudchukka
1-9 of 9 Results