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  1. Tracks & Scenery
    So I'm going to build a permanent raceway using Scalextric kit (digital) down in the shed at the bottom of the garden. The shed is heated and reasonably well insulated. It as previously been used as a workshop by myself but the call of a permanent track means all the worksop gear must be cleared...
  2. Digital
    Hi all Im about to purchase a Scalextric set but dont know which one Digital or ARC. Almost does the additional track you can purchase 1:32 work on either. Does anyone have some suggestions where to purchase as a bundle in Australia or anywhere that will will ship as a reasonable price...
  3. Tracks & Scenery
    Hi guys, as all the pics of my initial Thread "Planning a digital Thread" ( seem to have vanished in the photoshop Nirvana, I'll start a new thread, to keep the most important pics here and to show the progress of the track. Let...
21-23 of 23 Results