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  1. HO scale
    Dear All, Apologies for the error in the title - it should read G I Joe of course, but I seem unable to fix that! I have just bought one of these on US e-bay It is a manually switched Tyco US-1 Junction! Just to explain to those who may...
  2. HO scale
    Chatting to Roger at the Coventry Transport Museum event today we agreed on me taking a Tyco US-1 Road and Rail layout to Gaydon in 2018. I had been booked to be there with it in 2017, but an issue with a Stepladder changed all that! I see there have been a few postings about US-1 on the Forum...
  3. Vintage & Collector's corner
    Dear All, My interest in slot cars is mainly to use them as roadways. I started off with Minic, which I exhibited with Tri-ang Railways for manny years. Along the way I got into Playcraft Highways, then Aurora, Faller AMS, Bauer, Tyco US-1 Trucking and finally my wife bought me a Life-Like High...
1-3 of 3 Results