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  1. HO scale
    For those of us who run Tyco US-1 Trucks, the 'Achilles Heel' of the range are the gears. Not the quality brown ones the sets first appeared with, but the cheaper white nylon ones the range switched to soon after introduction. These have a tendency to crack, which can at best result in a...
  2. Pantyffynnon Slot Car Club
    Pantyffynnon Slot Car Club welcomed 2018 with an opening round of free practice. Everyone got to test their new cars ready for the years campaign and a chance to see where they stacked up against the competition. We have some really good looking grids lined up this year with Carrera DTM's...
  3. HO scale
    Forgotten how to post pictures here its been so long. Almost everyone is on Facebook these days, me included. But I just popped back to see what is going on. I got back into HO scale stuff about 3 or four years ago, I think. It could be longer or not that long. Tempus Fugit. Started with the...
  4. Pantyffynnon Slot Car Club
    Trucks Round 1 - 11th July 2017 Breaker breaker one-nine this here's the Rubber Duck. Any of you Smokeys got your ears on, come back? That's a ten-four good buddy, we got the front door all they way to flag town… Our first race night with the new Scalextric Trucks and the early signs...
  5. Thingies
    Here is my collection of Tamiya based slot Monster Trucks in action.
1-6 of 6 Results