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  1. HO scale
    For those of us who run Tyco US-1 Trucks, the 'Achilles Heel' of the range are the gears. Not the quality brown ones the sets first appeared with, but the cheaper white nylon ones the range switched to soon after introduction. These have a tendency to crack, which can at best result in a...
  2. HO scale
    Dear All, Apologies for the error in the title - it should read G I Joe of course, but I seem unable to fix that! I have just bought one of these on US e-bay It is a manually switched Tyco US-1 Junction! Just to explain to those who may...
  3. HO scale
    Chatting to Roger at the Coventry Transport Museum event today we agreed on me taking a Tyco US-1 Road and Rail layout to Gaydon in 2018. I had been booked to be there with it in 2017, but an issue with a Stepladder changed all that! I see there have been a few postings about US-1 on the Forum...
1-3 of 3 Results