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  1. Scratch building
    Can anybody suggest suitable wheels and tyres for a 1930s Grand Prix car in 1/32? I plan to use a Penelope Pitlane chassis, but I'm struggling to find any wheels and tyres that are big enough diameter.
  2. Scalextric Digital (APB, ARC PRO)
    I've been experimenting with settings in the RCS64 free trial, trying to see if it has the features I need to justify a purchase I don't tend to use the brakes much so the "Brake Delay" doesn't influence much. To me the Hard tyres feel identical to the softs except they wear slower... so why...
  3. Slot Racing & Tuning
    I Need to replace the tyres on a scaley mini, sidewinder, with massive gear which conveniently allows us to true the tyres down at least 2 thou. We don't run silicon tyres, has anyone found a suitable replacement please, if so what are they?
  4. 1:32 scale Cars
    Hi everyone, I am about to soak a load of old (c1980s) Scalextric tyres in a bowl of olive oil for a few days in an attempt to soften them up. Should I soak the ribbed front tyres as well? I like the idea of olive oil as it 'seems cleaner' (what a tart!). If anyone knows why I shouldn't use this...
1-4 of 4 Results