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  1. Andi Rowland Designs
    Tyrrell P34 Policar gearbox conversion for Scalextric 1976 model How to: So as ever you will need a donor car. Currently I think Scalextric have only released the car as a twin set so you have a choice of either car or both! This conversion is reversible for the Scalextric P34. 1...
  2. Andi Rowland Designs
    Tyrrell P34 build how-to A. Parts required for this build: 1. Complete kit from Pendle Slot Racing: This comes with all wheels, tyres, chassis, body parts and drivetrain. If for any reason you wish to use other rear tyres and wheels for your build I would advise speaking directly with Pendles...
  3. Scratch building
    So I recently bought this book: Although not exhaustive it is a great summary of the teasm over the years with some great photos.... This one in particular stimulated me to dig out a couple of the DNQ shells I have stashed away safely for just such an occasion! I have the JPS and the...
1-3 of 3 Results