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  1. Master classes
    Good day everyone, I seem to have a problem with my Pioneer Legend slot car. The wheels are very wobbly and for this reason the car bounces like crazy on the track, on a straight it will simply just bounce out of the slot and I would have to lose time getting it back on track. I don't know...
  2. 1:32 scale Cars
    I've been cleaning and fixing old Scalextric cars for a while now, and have become used to the ease with which the typical 70s and 80s wheels can be pulled off their axles. Now I have some 90s and 00s cars to deal with, and I'm finding the wheels are far more resistant to removal, to the extent...
  3. Scratch building
    Can anybody suggest suitable wheels and tyres for a 1930s Grand Prix car in 1/32? I plan to use a Penelope Pitlane chassis, but I'm struggling to find any wheels and tyres that are big enough diameter.
  4. Slot Racing & Tuning
    Staffs Slot Cars UK have added more wheels to there range. Following on from the 15.8 x 10mm wheels they have added 15.8 x 8.5mm and 2 more colours Red and Blue. Mudchukka
  5. 1:32 scale Cars
    Many of my older Scalextric cars seem to have slipping wheels usually with one tighter one? Was this designed that way so one wheel could give like a real diff? I've tried a bit of air fix glue but it does not seem to hold them very well so what's the best way of fixing the issue? I'm assuming...
  6. Wanted
    Hello all, I am looking to buy a few front wheels from any of the 1:32 scale slot cars. Team-Slot, SCX, Scalextric or Superslot. I can see Scalextric chassis on Ebay that include the front wheels but that is a last resort due to the knurled axle ends scenario. Order of preference is: SCX...
1-6 of 6 Results