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  1. Scratch building
    Can anybody suggest suitable wheels and tyres for a 1930s Grand Prix car in 1/32? I plan to use a Penelope Pitlane chassis, but I'm struggling to find any wheels and tyres that are big enough diameter.
  2. Slot Racing & Tuning
    Staffs Slot Cars UK have added more wheels to there range. Following on from the 15.8 x 10mm wheels they have added 15.8 x 8.5mm and 2 more colours Red and Blue. Mudchukka
  3. 1:32 scale Cars
    Many of my older Scalextric cars seem to have slipping wheels usually with one tighter one? Was this designed that way so one wheel could give like a real diff? I've tried a bit of air fix glue but it does not seem to hold them very well so what's the best way of fixing the issue? I'm assuming...
  4. Wanted
    Hello all, I am looking to buy a few front wheels from any of the 1:32 scale slot cars. Team-Slot, SCX, Scalextric or Superslot. I can see Scalextric chassis on Ebay that include the front wheels but that is a last resort due to the knurled axle ends scenario. Order of preference is: SCX...
1-4 of 4 Results