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  1. Digital
    WPT is becoming a big thing with EV vehicles, we have it in phone, cordless toothbrushes, and more. Hopefully it could be scaled down into our slot car hobbies, giving us the ability to run without pickup shoes or brushes and keeping cars with better slot tracking. I like to see new things, so...
  2. Wanted
    Looking to increase my existing stock of 4 SSD IV wireless controllers to 6, new ones preferred if available or good conditon used ones. TruSpeed SSD4 Wireless Scalextric Sport Digital Controller with built-in wireless transmitter the one that works with Slot Car Solutions wireless recevier.
  3. Carrera Digital D-132 (Pro X)
    Hello friends! My Wireless tower MOD, to combine with my track scenery. hope you like! My Wip track:
  4. Tracks & Scenery
    Peak Torque Raceway (PTR) is the third track that I have built, I built my first one about 14 years ago. The track is apart of the South City Raceways group of tracks, and is used on a scheduled rotation. The track is a work in progress and I will probably be working on it for the next few...
  5. Scalextric ARC PRO
    About myself : Male, 55 years old, living in Denmark. I have been running SSD, first with the 4-car pb, and with C7042 from when it came out. I have used SSDC, PClapcounter and mostly RCS64. I participate in testing RCS64, and now RCS-O2. I have a track consisting of 2 x 2 lanes with pits on...
1-5 of 5 Results