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As you may/may not know next Wednesday (29th October) we are holding the 'Farnham 2 Hours' Endurance event.

A few details…


Cars will be supplied. Porsche 956/962's

What you need:

All you need is your preferred controller and to be in the clubroom for 8pm with your normal £5.


8pm - Names into a hat and pulled at random to decide teams. Ideally we need 8+ people for teams of 2 or 3

Shortly after 8pm - We will be racing. As it is a 2-hour event, every team will race on each lane for 30 minutes. A few more smaller specific details will be given on the night.

The winning team is the one with the most amount of laps at the end of the evening.

If all works out, we should have time for a drink afterwards.

Any questions just shout.

Non members welcome - please reply on this thread if you would like to come along

See you Wednesday
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