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QUOTE (Domejuddv10 @ 9 Sep 2004, 14:34)Had a bit of a mad moment and bought a 'Racer' Ferrari 412P TEAM Scuderi Fillipinetti LM 1967 kit. Would any one know what glue to use to put it together?
Don't want to use super glue because it leaves *********** stains behind.

'Zappo' is a de-gassed superglue specifically designed for modellers, that does not leave any of the characteristic white marks. Haven't used it myself, yet, but it was recommended to me by one of the UK's top 1:43 professional kit builders. However, he still uses white PVA glue for transparencies - just in case !

PS - Apologies if this post screws up - it's my first on this forum, and it's a bit different to the V-Bulletin format I normally post in !

Sorted for you! and welcome to the Forum!
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