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1:1, Audi drops the TT

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Audi and Joest will field A4 Touring cars for the DTM next year. No more TTs.

What's more there wheel-men will include; Tom Kristensen, Frank Biela and Emanuele Pirro.

Sheesh, time to get a dish on the side of Wankel Towers!
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...and Opel drops the Astra Coupe and is competing with a 5-door-Vectra for 2004. Marcel Fässler is replacing "smoking Joe" Joachim Winkelhock who is retiring as a race-driver. Are you interested in all the changes in DTM next year?
Alfa Romeo plans to compete there also in 2005 - cars are preparde by Ferrari, driving force behind this engagement is Michael Schumacher.
Opel tries to get H-H Frenzen under contract - he would be the 2nd famous F1-driver besides Jean Alesi in DTM.
Got excited when i saw the title of this link a thought for a brief moment that Audi were dropping that girls blouse of a car that is the TT
Or well never mind.
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QUOTE Got excited when i saw the title of this link a thought for a brief moment that Audi were dropping that girls blouse of a car...

I love it when a plan comes together!

I echo your feelings re the wagon, as ubiquitous as the MGB. And hey, they're all silver! Very imaginative owners.

Following the MGB analogy, aren't they going to do a more ferocious 3 litre one?
Now that someone else has been bold enough to broach the subject, with apologies to members who might own one, I find the TT to be a plug ugly lump of a beast. No grace or style at all. Sorry, owners!
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QUOTE (Wankel Ickx @ 27 Nov 2003, 07:14 PM)... they're all silver! ...
I see it as grey.

I thought that it was cool when it fist came out and I even tried one out, but I thought that it was never powered right, and only now does it come out with decent power plant...

Looks pugish.
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It's a GOLF! a GOLF is cheaper. a Leon is cheaper and faster. A Skoda is also cheaper again and faster again!


I am looking for a new car so In the last couple of weeks iv'e driven a Mazda RX8, Nissan 350Z and i'm sorry to admit an Audi TT (V6 DSG) the wife wanted to try it.
The Audi was a dog under steering badly a nice sound and great cabin but not enough GO I currently drive a SEAT V5 and i feel it and my friends Skoda vRS are much better products based on the same floorpan.
If anyones interested the Nissan and the Mazda are SUPERB

I was close to going for the Nissan great styling, fantastic pace, handles like a dream and a great noise that engines a gem, but when specced up to how i would want it the price was £31.5 K not exactly a bargain close to boxster money.
The Mazda was just as good as the Nissan less powwerfull but considerably lighter so almost as rapid and fully specced comes in at £25.5K more of a bargain, and that Wankel engine what a masterpiece. Anyhow to cut a long story short the TT is CRAP
The Mazda and Nissan superb. I am going to test a Honda S2000 before i make a the jump.

Or i also tested a VX Turbo What can i say truly mad. If it was a bit more everyday driving friendly i would have snapped the dealers hand off but it's not a car you could reasonably drive every day. Beside with my banged up knee (skiing accident) it was to say the least difficult to get in / out of

well my 2 penneth was more like my £20 th.
Cheers Wayneslot
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You can say what you like, but I wouldn't swap my SILVER TT for any of the cars you mentioned.

A Skoda !...Don't make me laugh.

Anyway whats this got to do with Slot cars. This place is getting just like SCI.

No reason to get nasty.
You could flip your question and ask what do slot cars have to do with 1:1. I would answer a lot!
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QUOTE This place is getting just like SCI.

Swiss? Nuro? You putting us up for sale on Ebay?

Actually, I did see a grey TT the other day. It looked like primer. What kind of colour option is that?

I guess my beef with the TT is that they are everywhere. Kinda like my beef with Scooby Doos.

The more common it is, the less I'm impressed.

Wankel Ickx - bona fide member of the awkward squad.
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Just wanted to appologise if my thoughts of the Audi TT caused offence. A car purchase is a very subjective process. I may have been harsh and i think i did go on a bit, but in my defence this is a very exciting prospect for me to be seriously considering the purchase of one of these great cars. I probably did woffle on a bit
about 1:1 cars on a slot car site but i'm sure you can forgive my excitment

Just a note the rules at the top of this link state "Only topics related to the slot car hobby and motoring will be allowed"
By the way the Skoda Octavia vRS is a great car my mate's a cop so he drives one at work (pursiut car) and he was so taken with it he bought one. It really is one of those cars that needs to driven to realise just how good it is and talk about a bargain.
Maybe it shuld be tried and then valued against a TT. There is noway a TT is worth it's price when compared to cars like the vRS wich are based on the same platform.
Sorry iv'e rattled on again.
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Owning a 225hp TT quattro for over four years and 65.000 miles now, I can tell you, I'm not offended at all. But why all that hate that's in some of the postings? In germany we would say "only envious people speak in such a manner".

i know a lot of people I first met on the internet, who all had TTs. We went on a lot of cruises, one for example speeding 1000 km through the french alps with its huge gaps. being on an altitude of over 2.500 meter, having 25 cm of snow, there are not many sports cars in this price range that can handle these conditions without any problems. A lot of our group switched to other cars now, not because they have been disappointed by the TT, but just because the wanted to drive other cars (S2000, Z4, Mini Cooper S, Boxster...). Every one had to admit that the TT is a good car, being unreached in some areas like cabin build quality, quality of the used materials, traction and so on.

BTW, the TT may be the same platform, but is heavily modified. It is DEFINITELY faster than comparable golf-class-cars like the Skoda, Leon or Golf.
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Absolutely NO personal offense was intended on my part.
The VW Audi group has an enviable reputation for quality but I prefer more sleek lines than the blunt looking style of certain cars. If we didn't have different tastes, we would all be driving the same boring car,whatever it was! It really is ok to have different preferences, you know.
God, it would be boring if we didn't!
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I don't drive cars very often, too many wheels and they lean the wrong way in corners :)

i was 50 earlier this year and "she who must be obeyed bought me a playtime session at Brands. They use a TT to show you the way round before letting you out in the single seater. I thought it was pretty good, easy to drive and fun.


I'd like to borrow a motor out of one of those TTs and put it in my '87 Jetta. More than enough power for a 2050 lb car.

PS. I think the TT is butt ugly too.
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