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Owning a 225hp TT quattro for over four years and 65.000 miles now, I can tell you, I'm not offended at all. But why all that hate that's in some of the postings? In germany we would say "only envious people speak in such a manner".

i know a lot of people I first met on the internet, who all had TTs. We went on a lot of cruises, one for example speeding 1000 km through the french alps with its huge gaps. being on an altitude of over 2.500 meter, having 25 cm of snow, there are not many sports cars in this price range that can handle these conditions without any problems. A lot of our group switched to other cars now, not because they have been disappointed by the TT, but just because the wanted to drive other cars (S2000, Z4, Mini Cooper S, Boxster...). Every one had to admit that the TT is a good car, being unreached in some areas like cabin build quality, quality of the used materials, traction and so on.

BTW, the TT may be the same platform, but is heavily modified. It is DEFINITELY faster than comparable golf-class-cars like the Skoda, Leon or Golf.
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