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1/24 Cox Ferrari 158 F1 - Mexico version

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Here's a Mexico version of the Cox Ferrari 158. I've still got to do some clean up and the driver is not quite finished. I've completely redesigned the front suspension. I wanted a little more detail to fit the rear detail when it's done. There's 5 parts to this design and this one on the car is just the mock up. I'll add brake lines later. I scratch built the oil cooler on the side of the car as well. Should have the finial photos soon. Onward brothers!

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QUOTE (JamieG @ 5 May 2011, 05:22) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi Chris,
Lovely details
and extremely nice execution of the front part.
I experienced it is very difficult to get two same pieces from wire when there are several bending even if you mark precisely all bending points.
A very small error can cause a noticeable difference.
I'm curious to know if you use any special tool or technique for the wire bending (I guess you are using music wire 1mm?).

Thumbs up for you mate!

Hey brother... i hear you on the bending deal. What I did is do one side first then on the second one I made the first bend and then super glued the 2nd part together lining up the first bend. Then with some toothless small pliers and using the other part as the go by made the bend. After that, I went around the hole thing doing the same. It worked out real well. It will only take 10 to 15 mins but it's real close to the other side when it's done.

LOL - I hope this text above explains it well. Tough one to explain.

Thank lads for the cool comments
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1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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