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WOW, I'm glad that there are people such as Chris and a few others here on the Forum who shows us the stages of there builds, something we must see more on the Forum scratch build section. Even if you think of your self that your not good, and your afraid to make a fool of your self. I'm convinced that you'll get positive tips that will develop in your personal skills, but you must also stand open for others people criticism. And didn't somebody say, he, that's without a sin should trow the first stone. That for the critics who's work we don't see

Chris, you know that your cars and scale (1/24) is not my field of intrest, but if I have to identify top work, man your work stands at the top.
I look forworth to see the development. Perhaps you can make us a detailed tutorial on how you paint your figures in the future, they're just super

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