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another project over. The wipers are not glued in because I will be posting this soon. It always gets messed up in the post. I did the hood with a magnet up front as well has the back. I kept the pins for the hood stable rather than moving because I wanted hands off for the chrome. The car looks much better in person so don't be too hard me. I enjoyed this project but it was tough. Anyway, I hope you like it.... Cheers guys


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QUOTE (bosmeck @ 18 May 2012, 11:52) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>... Anyway, I hope you like it.... Cheers guys
As if it was ever in doubt! That is absolutely stunning! A visual feast from top to bottom. Thank you for sharing it.

I can only hope to some day attain such quality in workmanship.


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I'm nearing the end of my third scratch build. To that end I have been researching cars for my next project and came across this blog.

Your GTO simply took my breathe away.

The detailing is incredible and beautifully executed.
Off now to investigate more of your builds.

Does anyone do a 1/32 250 GTO kit I wonder?

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