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And now for something completely different (thank you, Monty Python) - originally i had planned to build a Schöler Striker 74 chassis which was laying around. I built a slightly modified one some years ago with a Nissan R90 body and it handled superbly, so it could be fun to make one again - this time with a Tamiya Nissan R390 GT1 body.

So i began gluing the body together and reinforcing it with small bits of thin carbon plate:

I was actually started on the chassis as well, as I decided to make a chassis in GRP in stead, like my orange Hot Rod, and add lead to reach the allowed minimum weigth for the class.
It should have no additional suspension parts, as the flex would be built into the chassis.

Link to the Hot Rod, which was constructed likewise:
Slotblog Hot Rod and here: Picasa Hot Rod

So I made some drawings in Corel Draw:

Later the motor mount was changed to the German JP mount.

The drawing was then printed out on selfadhesive, clear plastic foil and mounted onto the 1,5mm grp board

I used my Proxxon dril stand with milling table, which I used for the first time on my Hot Rod.

Then I had one nice assembly kit

The assembled chassis:

and with lead added to the sides:

Body is painted and decals and clear coat added and the whole thing mounted on the chassis for testing.

During testing I found out that the lead caused the side pans to bend. I had glued the lead full lenght to the pans, and if the lead bended, it forced the pans out of shape - not good as the ride height was affected too much.

A pity as the car showed good promise and was FAST from day one

I therefore replaced the sidepans with brass pans:

The pans was mounted "floating" so they could move back og forth a bit as well as up and down. Flex was controlled by the locknuts in front.

I plan to make a new full carbon version of the original grp chassis, as the carbon will better keep its shape than GRP.

I lend (and later sold) the car to a friend from my club, who used it in this weekend's 3rd round of the National 1:24 GT/Proto championship, hosted by our club. He was 8th total and 6th in Proto which was his best results so far - and he lapped much faster than he even did. I used my latest creation (made only days before) to win the race. 3rd place was also one of my scratchbuilt chassis


Niels Elmholt
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