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1/24 Hard bodied vintage saloons @ NorLon

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Hi All
We have a few T.B.A's in our calendar this year so this coming Wednesday we decided to resurrect the banger saloons, these are limited to inline and up to standard Parma 16d for new builds or inline and whatever period motors for vintage builds, all hard bodied with option of foam or rubber but no silicon's.
Doors open @ 7.30pm as always and if we can get through the masses of heats/finals it's down to the pub before last orders.
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Hi All
Looks like you can't get enough of these 1/24 banger saloons, so it's banger saloons this coming Wednesday night.
The track should be very drivable due to the retro racing going on this weekend, it was cleaned [again!] by myself and SteveK on Friday night due to you couldn't see any grey bit's!
Doors open as usual at 7.30pm and drinks down the pub after if we can get through all the heats so get in early to secure a bit space!
Where are the rules for this class? Just on the off chance I fancy riding south on a Wednesday evening

I might have something that complies in the shed.


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Don't know where the rules are but if you turn up with a period type inline chassis with a period type original motor or a standard Chinese 16d and a suitable period saloon hard body and enough ground clearance not to damage the track you will be able to race! or if your Allan you can run anything goes just as long as it's not a saloon!!!
If you need more info then try Steve Kempson who now resides on FaceBook.
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