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After building a couple of chassis for other drivers, I have built this one for myself to try some ideas out.

Last year we were allowed to use foam tires along with the original rubber tires, and my experience was that the cars had to be heavier to really take advantage of the increased grip, especially on wooden tracks. Also both my current cars are pretty long, having wheelbases of 100 and 105mm respectively, so i opted for a shorter and comparatively heavy chassis this time.

I have built an ISO chassis before, this is now owned and raced by my friend, Jan, and as the car is performing very well, I decided to try this layout again.

The chassis has a built in hinge in the front of the 1" straight JK motor bracket, allowing the sidepans and front wheels to move freely in reltion to the chassis center part which accomodates the guide and motor bracket.
The sidepans is made of brass strips, 3 x 1,5mm, lined with 1,8mm brass rods. This goes back under the motor bracket and soldered, but were cut off before the center section was added. Center section is a guide tongue, 12,7 x 1,6mm, lined with two 1,6mm brass tube on each side.
The motor bracket is reduced in height and the holes enlarged to 6mm.

The front end with body tubes and "drop arm" stop.

The chassis seen from below, avaiting the Lotus 25 body and wheels, motor etc. Our rules allows for a max chassis width of 30mm, so everything has to be very compact

The plan is to have the car running in good time before the next Danish Championship round in Ikast on may, 13th

Niels, DK

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Nice build - I like the chassis - I enjoy reading these threads and hope one day to post my own thread of a brass chassis I have made.

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