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1/24 Lotus Elan 26R "Gold Bug" and Ferrari 250 TR

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These two slots car have never been shown on here and both for the same reason, they were finished the night before the event they were built for!

The Gold Bug Elan is my favourite real car of all time and I built my 1/24 replica of it for the Double Trouble meeting 2 years ago. Lots of work went into it and the front end in particular as the real car didn't have a front bumper and instead had the front end flared in, it also had the light pods removed and more conventional lights fitted. Unfortunately it had a whack on the front end which split and cracked it. The mistake I made was gluing the front bumper in place and then reshaping it, this made it very weak and meant that when I hit something it cracked all the way along the seam.

It is a Gunze Sanygo body which is mounted on a Dynamic Chassis with Cox magnesium Lotus wheels with ortmann rears and Cox fronts.

So in August this year I finally pulled my finger out and got on with rebuilding and respraying it. This time the front end is solid (milliput) and shaped and finished with fine wet and dry amongst other things. The car also had a full respray and was finished just before I got married at the start of September, definitely a wedding present for me

It is my favourite car I have built, I hope you like it too.

First the damage, was actually much worse than the picture shows

Full size car (actually a replica but has the correct front end and colour scheme)

This is the only picture I have of the car as it was at Double Trouble

And finally some pictures of my rebuilt car

Next up is my Ferrari 250 Testarossa which I put together for this years Bordeaux, it is based on a car that raced at Sebring in 1958. The body is from a Hasegawa kit and I have again used a Dynamic chassis but this time with Revell wheels and inserts from a 250 GTO. I was pretty pleased with this one and it performed very well at Bordeaux.


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Thanks for your kind words guys.

QUOTE Pity about the driver not having any legs. The car would be perfection if the motor was in the right place.

He started with legs
but I cut them off, poor guy. I agree a full cockpit would have been nice but all of my 1/24 cars use vintage running gear and as far as I know there weren't many production front motored chassis and if there were I haven't got one!

QUOTE I like the Lotus but I love the Ferrari.....if it was a woman I would propose !

Hi praise indeed, thank you. I could maybe add a couple of lumps of milliput to the drivers chest, would that make a difference???

QUOTE What Peter did not say is that the Gold bug was first in concours.

What Joel didn't say was that he was joint first, oh and I'm obviously modest

Thanks for answering the question about the motor Joel and thanks for providing it

QUOTE So now tell me - you have too much time on your hands now you are married?

I do the washing up and she allows me 3 minutes a day to work on my models, she's lovely.

Thanks again,

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Thanks chaps for the nice words.

Bosmeck, the colour is called platinum and when you put it next to a silver car it looks quite different, I too really like the colour.


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