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QUOTE (tedm @ 4 May 2012, 12:10) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>,I think this was to do with braking in some way-if used with another component. Again, can anyone remember details?
Ted, MRRC did produce braking gears. As I recall they were for use with the open frame motors & their associated U bracket. The other piece you mention fitted on the axle & locked into that spiral notch you have noticed, it's length was such that when fitted in the U bracket it left just enough clearance to spin freely. I think what happened when you came off the power & the axle drove the motor, the interaction at the spiral joint forced the two halves appart effectivly jamming the "floating" piece against the U bracket, thus giving "brakes". When power was reapplied & the motor took up drive to the contrate again the floating piece moved back freeing up the drive again. Phew, hope your all with that

Seem to remember they were popular with the Southern area guys to get some brakes with the twin milliperm setups they favoured?
I would guess they would have been quite tricky to set up correctly to get te best out of them?
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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