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Relevant to this mildly ancient thread, there is currently a 1/24 MRRC motor on ebay UK. Seller wonders if it's the first time one that has been listed there (it isn't, I bought one about a decade ago) but it does something that I haven't seen before - a still picture of the motor running.
I saw one on eBay recently.

But I also saw a mixed bag of motors a few months a go and snagged FOUR of the MRRC 1/24th Ball race motors, not one of them is standard - 10 turns of 29 gauge anyone?

Not yet been brave enough to run one, I would have to build a car specially, perhaps a 4 engined monster for Bordo'????

Given a blast of power they do appear to rev high and stop well.

Thanks all for the nostalgic stories, fascinating.
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