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My take on it...

1/32 cars are mostly associated with Ready to Run cars -such as Scalextric,, NSR, SCX Carrera. There are other options that involve building your own chassis (usually metal) be that in a kit type form such as Plafit, or all metal Parma or scratch built brass etc.

1/24 - In some regards is the opposite - more options to build your own car more metal chassis choices - hard body cars lexan cars etc. - there are heaps of 1/24 hard plastic kits which can be turned into slot cars - chassis makers include Plafit, Parma, H&R, MSC - and lots more. There are only a few choices in ready to run cars - Carrera, BRM and Scaleauto, Autoart, are ones that come straight to mind. Of these the BRM and Scaleauto are more high end metal chassis cars while the Carrera and Autoart are more like Scalextric cars.

There are lots of options out there I am guessing but would say that 1/24 cars were more popular in the early days of slot cars and that 1/32 evolved to cater more for the home market. Cheaper mass produced plastic ready to drive etc. I think accurate scale(ish) cars have only been around since the 90s

I have both I love the bigger cars they look great on the track - the 1/32 cars are easier to collect as they have fantastic detail and cost about half the price of a 1/24 car..

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