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1/24th Falcon - 12th October 2018

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1/24th Falcon - 12th October 2018

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Race Report:-

With 9 of us racing 1/24 Falcon sports, in the "C" final was Derek,Rich and sporting her very own controller (only got to get a car for a full set ) Fi. It was Fi who went into the lead and held it until a trip to the floor put her into last place from which she never recovered meanwhile Rich took the lead with Derek chasing him hard but at the end it was Rich 1st, Derek 2nd and Fi a commendable 3rd. In the "B" final was Dave, Robbie and Frank, it was Dave who went into the lead and stayed there setting a time the "A" finalists would have to get a move on to beat followed by Frank who was 11/2 laps up on Robbie, at the end the second segment Frank was only 6/100ths of a lap in front of Robbie but Robbie took the 2nd spot from Frank and that's how it finished, Dave 1st, Robbie 2nd and Frank 3rd. In the "A" final was Brian, Greg and Sue and it was Sue who caused the surprise of the night by shooting off the start like a scalded cat with a turn of speed that neither Brian or Greg could match in fact at the end of the 1st segment Sue had a 1 1/2 lap lead over Brian who was just 13/100ths up on Greg, Greg then put the hammer down and took the lead but at the end of the 2nd segment Sue was still in front of Brian, Brian then took the 2nd spot from Sue but could not catch Greg in fact he lost more ground and at the end it was Greg 1st, Brian 2nd and Sue 3rd. The drivers of the night are Dave for an excellent 3rd place and Sue for a truly inspiring drive. The top three were Greg, Brian and Dave.

Thanks Sandy xx


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