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1/24th Falcon Sports - 24th August 2018

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Race Report:-

It was certainly a mixed bag of fortunes in the always exiting 1/24 falcon class. Firstly i have to say that Greg did not actually qualify as he was going to very late getting to the club so he was put in the "A" final to give him time to get there (there is no doubt he would have qualified there anyway). The real TQ was Sue for the first time and it was well deserved, on the other hand Brian had a very "noisy" qualy which turned out to be that the can bearing had come out and gone inside the motor which is a first.In the "C" final was Frank, Derek and Grace, it was Derek who took the lead followed by Frank and Grace but Derek was having handling problems with his car and slipped back and in the end it was Frank 1st, Derek 2nd and Grace getting better every lap 3rd. In the "B" final which turned out to be the most exciting of the night was Brian, Simon and Ian. Brian took the lead which he struggled to hold on to until he had an off which gave Simon the lead and it took him until the last 30 seconds of the last segment to catch Simon, twice he tried to get past and could'nt until Simon came off allowing Brian past and it was in the dying seconds that Brian had another off which allowed Simon past again and on to the win so it was Simon 1st, Brian 2nd and Ian 3rd. In the "A" final was Greg, Steve and Sue. Greg went into the lead from the start followed by Steve and Sue (who never lived up to her promise), it was all exciting stuff with Steve never more than half a lap behind Greg and it was like that until the final segment with Steve on the dreaded red lane that Greg was able to pull away to win all the more suprising when he found out his rear wheel was loose, Steve was 2nd and Sue 3rd. Driver of the night is a difficult one this week so i will give it to Greg for a good win, Sue for her Qualy run and Grace for trying so hard. The top 3 were Greg, Steve and Simon.

Thanks Sandy xx


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