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1/24th Policar slot cars

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Heres some 1/24th Policar slot cars. First the 3 hard-bodied cars. 1-Osi-Bisiluro, 2-Dino Pininfarina, 3-Alfa Romeo 33.

Next, the 4 vac bodied cars. 1-Ghia Mangusta, 2-Ferrari P3, 3-Lamborghini-Miura, 4-Osi Scarabeo.

Last a 1/24th scale set with catalog.


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Hi guys, did someone else notice this?

I knew that some 1/24 Policar are really rare and quite expensive, but I think this is a new world record for a Lamborghini Miura..

And one of the bidders who pushed up the price is a big gun, and I even think to know who is he..

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Eh Don, in Italy they consider the yellow Ferrari P3 to be the rarest (just 3/4 known) followed by the red one.. Actually, this is the rarity order:

1- Ferrari P3 in yellow
2- Ferrari P3 in red
3- Osi Scarabeo in white
4- Osi Scarabeo in red
5- Lamborghini Miura in green
6- Lamborghini Miura in silver
7- De Tomaso Mangusta in blue
8- De Tomaso Mangusta in silver

I know you've got the white Osi, my compliments..

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Well, Don, that was just for the Vacuum formed, but if you want a comprehensive classification, that's the one:

1- Ferrari P3 in yellow/BRE Samurai in blue
2- Ferrari P3 in red/BRE Samurai in white
3- Osi Scarabeo in white/Osi Bisiluro in red
4- Osi Scarabeo in red/Osi Bisiluro in silver
5- Lamborghini Miura in green/silver
6- De Tomaso Mangusta in blue/silver
7- Ferrari Dino Competizione in blue
8- Alfa Romeo 33 Periscopica in red

About their value, not considering unusual prices, we start at about 2,000/2,500 euros for a yellow Ferrari and a blue BRE and we end at 100/150 euros for an Alfa Romeo..

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1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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