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1/24th Policar slot cars

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Heres some 1/24th Policar slot cars. First the 3 hard-bodied cars. 1-Osi-Bisiluro, 2-Dino Pininfarina, 3-Alfa Romeo 33.

Next, the 4 vac bodied cars. 1-Ghia Mangusta, 2-Ferrari P3, 3-Lamborghini-Miura, 4-Osi Scarabeo.

Last a 1/24th scale set with catalog.


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Great cars Bernard - but I think your Alfa went missing, and the first three should be hard body (polypropylene I think), not vac-form...

Maybe when they see the results of that auction they'll consider it!

These 1/24 cars are highly sought after (mostly the vac-formed ones instead of the hard bodies - the Alfa and Ferrari are relatively "common"), but never thought one would go that high!

First one I've seen Bernard, thanks.

But now I've got Samurai Envy... well, actually not, no more space, but it's a neat looking car. And I have the Osi, which is just too weird for words, in other words, right up my alley!

Any idea which of the vac-forms is the rarest? I know they're all pretty rare, and not automatically any easier for the Italians to find than anybody else... none of these Italian 1/24 cars are that easy to find in fact.

Is that only for the vac-forms, or including the hard bodies David? I know the Alfa and Ferrari are not that rare, but not really sure about the Osi Bisiluro or the one that Bernard shows.

The body on my Osi is cracked, but I'm still glad to have it!

1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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