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1/24th scale Rail Racer

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Here's a 1/24th scale rail car made from a Merit Jag D kit. I got the car from the UK years ago. I think 1/24th scale rail cars are rather rare. I'm not sure but I believe there was a club in the UK which ran 1/24th scale rail cars instead of 1/32. I bet Tony or some others would have information of this. The car is nicely made. I like the steel wheels & the tires say SIMANCO.


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Hi Sampson, looks like a nice find and a car worth hanging on to.
Having looked at the car, i wondered if it was really ment to be raced
or just a "lets build a rail car " project.
Why i say this is that the rear power pick up is VERY small, once the car
was anything other than traveling in a straight line it would have fallen
off the return rail, they tended to be much wider than on your car, that is
if it was ment to be raced.
The rear tyres are of the " O " ring type, although there was not much
choice to be had on the Tyres front we did realise that having a reasonable
"footprint " did help to some degree, therefor the tyres would have been
" flatted " so to speak.
The guide " U " would also be a cause for concern, as it is so short it would
have brought about steering "flutter ".
If the front axle had been solid , without steering the car would have run
quite well.
So all in all, an interesting car from the very early days worth hanging on to
but as above i think it may be some one,s attempt to get a car up and running
just for the hell of it.
Good luck
Mac P
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Ho Don, not sure about the tyres and wheels, as you know, in
the dark ages there was no infrastructure, you grabbed bits
where and how you could from anywhere,
What makes me feel this is a "suck it and see " car, it was realised
as the cars got quicker, the father forward the return pickup was
the less sideways travel that pick up made therefor staying in contact
with the return longer.
From the pictures the return contact is a hell of a long way back,
in this form it would be scribbing a very wide arce, not good !!
Mac P
Ah Ahhh Don thats a clearer pic of how things should be.
With the long rail contact wiper one could hang the tail out
without loosing power.
With the return wiper closer to the guide shoe the arce it travels
is greatly reduced .
The motor wiring seems to be connected to the kingpin, having no
direct and solid connection to the shoe i would think the power was
very intermittent.
This takes me back to thinking it was a "first try " car therefor
a VERY early offering as car setup was generally known to most.
Mac P
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1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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