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1/24th scale Rail Racer

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Here's a 1/24th scale rail car made from a Merit Jag D kit. I got the car from the UK years ago. I think 1/24th scale rail cars are rather rare. I'm not sure but I believe there was a club in the UK which ran 1/24th scale rail cars instead of 1/32. I bet Tony or some others would have information of this. The car is nicely made. I like the steel wheels & the tires say SIMANCO.


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A wonderful car Bernard.

There were a couple 1/24 rail clubs in Britain, according to the magazines, and in a way I've often wondered why it didn't catch on more, given the ready made supply of wonderful bodies. Guess the wheels and tires were a problem, and like you I'd like to know where these came from...

Thanks for the feedback Mac! I fixed your typo, so deleted your following post where you pointed that out.

I did kind of wonder about the relatively narrow pickup on the return side, but if I remember right, a lot of the earlier rail cars had those, and it was gradually that racers realized they needed the metal area as much as the footprint... but I could be wrong!

Any idea where those tyres/wheels came from? Seems to be one of the main sticking points for rail cars...

Good detective work Bernard! Who'd a thunk it?

About the pickups, I realized I have Exhibit B in my own collection: a Merit Mercedes conversion from about the same era: (you're more than right Mac! makes no sense to put a small return wiper way behind. in fact on Bernard's car, is there a wiper at all for the rail, or it it just the u-shaped guide that does the contact?)

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