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1/24th scale Rail Racer

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Here's a 1/24th scale rail car made from a Merit Jag D kit. I got the car from the UK years ago. I think 1/24th scale rail cars are rather rare. I'm not sure but I believe there was a club in the UK which ran 1/24th scale rail cars instead of 1/32. I bet Tony or some others would have information of this. The car is nicely made. I like the steel wheels & the tires say SIMANCO.


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Yes, the second pick-up seems to have direct contact with the motor body and, through motor body and the spring, current goes to the lower motor brush, as usual with the RX motors, but the yellow wire seems to connect the first (central) pick-up and the upper motor brush, so I would say it has to be there. In any case the car is well build, that brass subchassis is a good idea to insure proper gear mesh, far better than relying on the plastic chassis.

"CJA", Sorry!! Should have realized you did mean that...
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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