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1/24th scale Rail Racer

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Here's a 1/24th scale rail car made from a Merit Jag D kit. I got the car from the UK years ago. I think 1/24th scale rail cars are rather rare. I'm not sure but I believe there was a club in the UK which ran 1/24th scale rail cars instead of 1/32. I bet Tony or some others would have information of this. The car is nicely made. I like the steel wheels & the tires say SIMANCO.


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Ey Up,

Very nice, "S".

If I were you, I would tease that yellow wire away from the motor !!.

Looks to me like the motor frame is "live" direct from the second pick-up !!.

How is the rear axle held in place ?.

vbr Chris A.
Hi Mac,

I follow your thoughts there, but maybe, cos it wasn't a brilliant performer it survived, and we can see it today !!.

vbr Chris A.

ps: "houses", I know of course that the yellow wire has to be there, I was referring to the fact that the bared end at the brush seemed to be touching the frame !!. Dead short.
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Ey Up Guys,

Sampson's car has the shoe picking up from the guide rail, I can just make out a wiper, within the shoe itself !!??.

It then has the rearward wiper picking up from the lower rail, to one side, think about it !!.

Don's car is the other way round, the front wiper picks up from the lower rail, the rear wiper from the guide rail !!.

That lesson was learned VERY early on, before I was born !!??. Eh Mac ??.

vbr Chris A.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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