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1/24th Sports - 18th January 2019

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1/24th Sports - 18th January 2019

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Race Report:-

There were a surprising 16 to race 1/24 sports ranging in age from 8 to some in their 70's. In the "D" final was Fi, Josh, Frank and Grace, once Josh had changed his tractor tyres to something a bit more sensible he went into the lead from the start a lead he never lost although he was in danger of doing so on a couple of occasions followed closely by Frank, Fi and young Grace and that's how they finished. In the "C" final was Sue, Robbie, Dave and Derek, Dave hit the front 1st and stayed there followed by a flying Sue then Derek and Robbie, Dave and Sue stayed in 1st and 2nd but in the 3rd segment Robbie got passed Derek for 3rd place and Derek went into 4th and that's how the race finished. In the "B" final was Ian driving the only saloon, Terry,Rich and Simon and there was some very close racing Simon took the lead early on followed by Rich who was having his best night for a while, Terry and then Ian, in the 2nd segment while Simon and Rich stayed 1st and 2nd Ian passed Terry for 3rd place and it all changed again in the 4th segment Simon kept the lead Terry moved into 2nd Rich to 3rd and Ian back down to 4th but to be fair he suffered more than his fair share of getting involved in other peoples accidents and some dubious marshalling decisions a fate that lay in store for Brian in the "A" final. In the "A" final was Greg, Sandy driving a car borrowed from Brian (i think i may have lent her the wrong car Lol), Steve and Brian. I have to say there was more crashes/ nerfings in this race by the experts (???) than in all the other races. It was Brian who took the lead followed by Sandy Steve and Greg but by the end of the 1st segment it was Sandy, Brian, Steve and Greg in the 2nd segment it was still Sandy in the lead who seemed to be leading a charmed life followed by Steve, Brian and Greg and thats how it was at the end of the 3rd segment with Sandy having 21/2 lap lead over Steve who was less then 1/2 a lap up on Brian who was 3 laps up on Greg and it was all set for a grand finale as Brian was on the best lane (green) and Steve was on the dreaded red lane, but it was never to be as after 4 laps Brian retired (gave up) leaving Sandy to gain a well deserved win followed by Steve and Greg. Driver of the night has to go to Sandy for well deserved win showing she is now back on form and the top 3 were Sandy, Steve and Simon.

See you all soon Sandy xx


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