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1/32 Arfix model

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Hi there,

I recently bought an 1/32 Airfix slot body of a Mercedes 125W

Can anybody tel me if there are more 1/32 pre war Airfix models?
Does anybody have a complete model of the Mercedes 125W? I wonder if it's possible to see the inside of that model like gear and motor?
And my last question are these models common or hard to find?

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I have my own thoughts but I'd like to know what the rest of you think. I also have just been working on converting an old airfix Mercedes 125W and am wondering (because I have a second and two auto unions too) if the car is valued higher by collectors if it is restored to factory new condition. Or is it valued just the same/less/more, if it is remade with more detail, paint, and a new scratch chassis? Done well of course! We all know a bad model is what it is. So I will try to post a photo for your viewing pleasure, but please bare with me I have yet to add a single photo to the forum. I hope it works. Please let me know if I do something incorrect in my first picture post. Oh yea, I love the steering and want to only build cars with it now.


Ok I tried two. Do they work?
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Walkden Fisher wrote a couple of articles in "Model Cars" magazine showing how to improve the performance of the Airfix W125 & C type Auto Union.
The W125 article is in the May 1965 edition & the C type December 64, unfortunately I can't post them.
For both models he points out a discrepancy in the wheelbase, in the case of the W125 the standard ready to run model is 1/4" short.
He quotes the actual wheelbase as 9 foot 2 inches (2794mm) which would be 3.437" (87.31mm) at 1/32 scale.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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