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Over the years I've seen four 1/32 cars that seems to be unique for Aurora, and also not produced by any other maker: a Mirage M2 Coupe, a McLaren M12, a Ferrari 612 and a Ferrari 312 Coupe. Colours may vary, and I've seen the McLaren in orange and white, the 612 in blue and red, the 312 Coupe only in red, and the Mirage only in light blue w. red/orange Gulf striping.

In the paperworks of an Aurora Big Car Racing set I've now found a list (with item numbers) suggesting that there are also supposed to be an additional two cars in this series, a Porsche 917 and an Autocoast Ti22. There also seems to be versions of the Mirage and the 312 Coupe with lights.

Do they really exist, and has anyone ever seen these cars?

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