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1/32 Cars I'd like to build! You?

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Here is a list of several 1/32 cars I'd like to build,
have any of you done these cars? If so suggestions to me?
Your list?


Road Cars
AMC Javalin
Lamborghini Espada
Ferrari 512 Boxer
Ferrari Testarossa
Ferrari 328
Lotus Espirt S3
Rolls Royce Cornish
Bentely Turbo
Plymouth Cuda
Datsun 240z

Formula 1
all Force India F1 cars
many Sauber F1 cars
80 turbo cars from mid and low grid teams
new Virgin or Marussia cars
new HRT cars
new Caterham/Lotus team over past few years
78 Brabham/Alfa "fan" car
some of the late 90's/00's "X" wing cars. Tyrrell?
90's Simtek cars

about to finish 92 Footwork and 95 Forti Ford, making
almost 300 F1 cars.
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1) Morris Marina GT Fastback.

But it would need an opening boot (trunk) to allow me to put a couple of breeze blocks in (concrete building blocks) to make it less tail happy - just like the real thing!

2) Marlin roadster (pretty little UK Kit Car that has lasted in production for decades) - it's a bit like the old Alfa's from the 30's with running boards, big headlights but modern running gear (current version can use BMW 3 series as a base).

3) Routemaster double decker bus - just for the sheer lunacy of the idea and the challenge of getting it to go a whole lap including my 2 R1 hairpins without deslotting!!!
That's pretty close to the Routemaster and much more characterful than the square fronted ones with hydraulic doors.

What scale is it? It looks more 1/43 than 1:32.
Double Decker bus racing would be awesome.

We have fun racing 6 transits on my track but Double Deckers is a whole new level!

Are they easy to get hold of? Where can we get them? I would love to build a few and chip them!
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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