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1/32 F40LM and F50GT progress...

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Well - I couldn't leave well enough alone - so as soon as the F40 and F50 arrived I got to work.

Video of one of the F40LM shakedown runs.

F40, F50 and "F60"..

The F40 progress...

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The F50 progress...


p.s. I hope people don't mind lots a pictures..
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QUOTE (David Lawson @ 5 Jul 2004, 14:20)Great work indeed. It looks extremely precise and accurate. What else have you done?


That's it to date - only been "slot car'ing" for a couple months.
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New images

I have finished the lighting - next the decals and details..

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IMAGE REMOVED - I'm tired of sharing with nay-sayers
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