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1/32 G12 Saloon/Falcon

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Hi All

Please find below results from 23/03/18:-

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Race report:-

With 4 deciding not to race the faster class that left 6 of us to race GP12. In the "B" final were Simon, Frank and Derek, as Simon had been a former winner of GP12 it was no surprise that he led from the start and went on to win by a massive 31 laps over still learning Frank and Derek who is still learning to cope with the speed and drive-ability of GP12. In the "A" final were Brian, Mick and Steve. This was always going to be a tough race as only 6/100ths of a second (fastest lap) separated all three in qually. Brian was the first to take the lead but also the first to have an off which put him back into last place while Mick and Steve fought it out swapping the lead as they went, and at the end of the first segment it was Steve 1 lap up on Brian who was 1/2 a lap up on Mick. At the end of the 2nd segment Brian had taken the lead by 1/2 a lap from Steve who was 1/2 a lap up on Mick so it was still all to play for. At the end of the 3rd segment Brian was still only 1/2 a lap up on Steve but he had pulled out a 11/2 lap lead over Mick, but it was in the final segment that the drama started as about half way through Brian began to run out of tyres and Steve started to reel him in and with about a minute to to go Steve was just 6 foot behind Brian and ready to take the lead but he had an off allowing Brian some breathing space but try as he might he could not catch Brian who won by 1/4 of a lap from Steve with Mick in 3rd. Driver(s) of the night will go to Frank and son Derek who are now regularly doing over a 100 laps per race and the top 3 were Brian, Steve and Mick.

See you all Soon Sandy xx


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