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OK so the original post specified, each club's top driver, so clearly I don't qualify by a mile. But being in right place at right time, pure shortage of drivers or pure old fashioned bu*****ting. I was able to blag a drive in this one. Really glad I did. Format was sprint race with 1:24 Scaleauto cars, followed by sprint race with BRSCA, so fast so can't see them, cars.
Due to good fortune/right lane/every one else crashing at first corner. Actually qualified for B finals in both disciplines. Tom will no doubt point out that there were only 12 entries!
The Scaleauto 1:24 cars are superb models, but heavy and not much brakes. Hope someone is able to post pictures. Whilst the jellymold cars go like stink and hang on arround the corners beyond the laws of physics. Massive contrast driving the two back to back.
Anyway enough withering on, thanks to Ian and the team for the opportunity to race these cars, really enjoyed it. Apologies to those who I took out and finally thanks to the marshals with out whom I would have been last.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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