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1:32 Hard-body Vs BRSCA Race

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As promised something else to wet your appetites for the Slot Festival weekend, this time it's on the Sunday!

This time it's going to require your Clubs to stand up and be counted too, we are looking for the UK's Top 1:32 hard-bodied Slotcar Racers, from the all the Clubs that are attending, we would like you to nominate your clubs best Racer. Then on the day we'll have some eliminators, with the intention of getting down to three of the best drivers, who'll then go into a head to head with the three top BRSCA Racers in a race of champions. The eliminators will take place on the BRSCA 6 lane track, which will give the hard body racers some practice.

What fun! I am sure there will be loads of friendly cross code banter; it will be interesting to see who actually comes out on top. Just to add to the excitement we are hoping to throw in some foreign competition.

The track - will be the New Pendle three lane Slotfire Track.

The Cars - It would not be right to race cars of either code, so to level the playing field on both sides we are going to use some race prepped 1:24 Scaleauto Cars direct from the manufacturer.

So what do we need from you?

• Over the next few weeks we would like each club (that is attending on the Sunday) to nominate a driver who they believe to be the up for the challenge.
• Post in this thread
• Depending on numbers etc, we'll collate the names into a race order to go through some elimination rounds, ultimately ending up with three racers chosen by you, to represent 1:32 against a BRSCA Team.
• You could even have elimination races at your clubs to decide who is going to fly the flag for your club, though I suspect most clubs already know who their main contenders are.

Well if that doesn't wet your appetite for some great racing I'm not sure what will. I know there are some great racers out there, I'd love to see them at Gaydon on the Sunday, and there is something at stake here, the pride of the 1:32. It's time to cajole those fast boys at your club, to ensure they come along and be a symbol for the 1:32 against those BRSCA Speed freaks.
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Thought I had posted earier but it hasnt appeared so once more.
Sorry to say I couldnt make it today, due to unforseen circumstances was not possible to make this event much as I wanted to,sorry for any problems this may have caused but there you go, anyway hope it all went well.
With due respect
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OK so the original post specified, each club's top driver, so clearly I don't qualify by a mile. But being in right place at right time, pure shortage of drivers or pure old fashioned bu*****ting. I was able to blag a drive in this one. Really glad I did. Format was sprint race with 1:24 Scaleauto cars, followed by sprint race with BRSCA, so fast so can't see them, cars.
Due to good fortune/right lane/every one else crashing at first corner. Actually qualified for B finals in both disciplines. Tom will no doubt point out that there were only 12 entries!
The Scaleauto 1:24 cars are superb models, but heavy and not much brakes. Hope someone is able to post pictures. Whilst the jellymold cars go like stink and hang on arround the corners beyond the laws of physics. Massive contrast driving the two back to back.
Anyway enough withering on, thanks to Ian and the team for the opportunity to race these cars, really enjoyed it. Apologies to those who I took out and finally thanks to the marshals with out whom I would have been last.
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Steve it was good to meet you and Tom, I’m sure it was well deserved …. I’m having computer difficulties at the moment but will post as soon as I get it fixed
A few photos that I think show the spirit of the event = Lots of laughs

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Steve A wrote : The Scaleauto 1:24 cars are superb models, but heavy and not much brakes.

If you use a Controller like ACD or Truspeed you controll the brake
, not the car .
Nothing new to see James Cleave in a Top 3 Podium ...

Greetz , Ralf
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