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Hi,heres a little seen MRRC Aston Martin rail car mip.
I think the car was made around 1957-59. The body is vac formed & the chassis is the early cast zinc one. The motor is a Triang Mk 4. 1 picture shows the front view the other the rear view. You could use this car as either a rail car or slot car . Hope you enjoy this rather early & rare car. Thanks,Bernard

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Amen Bernard! This has got to be one of the rarer ones out there. And I had never realized that they had a rail/slot option, thought all their kits were one or the other.

About the date, there's a big article in the November 1958 issue of Model Maker which seems to show this kit; while almost everything was rail at the time, the article also mentions that MRRC is releasing an alternative guide for Scalextric tracks, so this may well be the kit in question. The same article also talks about the Crescent conversions...


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Hi Bernard
not sure if it is because it is still in its bubble pack but you are lucky inasmuch as most of those monkey metal chassis have turned to powder in the atmosphere around in the last half of the 20th century
Nice to see it

cheers tony
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