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1/32 Proslot F355 Challenge refinish and detail

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My first of 2 attempts at super-detailing/refinishing a model car in about 12 years.

Also my first frey into 1/32 (used to do 1/24 statics exclusively).

F355 Challenge
I picked up these 2 rather "rough diamond Policar Ferrari F355 slot cars. There seem to be very few contemporary Ferrari slot cars available in 1/32 scale.



The cars came in a rather toy-like red plastic finish, with no details. I made up some decals, and scavanged some etched parts and used my parts-bin to do this rushed-job at detailing the first one.

I decided to try for a look as if the car was a factory F335 "GT" rather than just a Challenge car.

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Amazing work! Certainly a remarkable improvement

That interior repaint is a very nice touch!

Are the wheels repainted too, or have they been replaced?
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