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The manufacturers of diecasts seem to be falling over themselves these days to provide us with scenic items i found thes in poundland today 1/32 scale bikes by newray they also had ome trail bikes in the same series and for a pound each who can resist ( Im begining to sound like a rep for poundland) They are imported into the uk by David Halsall international ltd


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Well Graham, it looks like we've got the local race circuit motorcycle parking sewn up
I got one of each today (there were 4 dirtbikes and only 3 roadbikes) one from each of the Big 4 (Honda, Kwak, Yam and Suze)

Sorry for the crap photos, but low-res digital camera. For detail shots refer to GRAH1's pics. To give you guys an idea of scale my Corvette Grand Sport is parked up with them

We now need a dirtbike trailer suitable for Ninco's off-roaders

1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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