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1/32 Vintage Revell comes back to life

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I'm reviving my 40 year old 1/32 scale Revell set. 55 feet of track on a light weight 5'X12' torsion box table in my garage. The table will be on an electric winch that will raise up to the ceiling. I've selected a layout and am now about half way finished building the table.

Track layout

Test of 1/4" Ventura tape on track

Test of soldering brass strip into track for power tap

I pulled the stock Revell contact rail out of the track and cut a notch in it

Brass strip under track. From here I can solder a wire on

Track numbered and awaiting table

Baltic birch plywood for table top and bottom

Taping tool for laying down tape. Sweet!

Pins on bottom of taping tool slide in track to assure easy alignment of tape on track

Laying out the 5'X12' torsion box table

Ripping the ribs for the torsion box. I don't have a table saw so I built a sled for my circular saw. Now I get nice straight consistent cuts

Pile of ribs. Main ribs (2 - 12' and 5 - 5') are 1X 1 3/4" KD pine. Secondary ribs will be 1/4" ply.
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Nice handles on the PSU! That monster needs them!
Hey, if you want slick, I remember seeing a guy that made a complete power and control station on wheels. One shelf had the PSU, another had all the wiring from the PSU to the controllers, with reverse switches and everything. He might have even added individual voltage regulators so that each lane could have its own voltage. Anyway, then he had the controllers themselves, and then on the backside he had output hookups to the track. I don't recall if he had a lifting track, but he might have had several tracks that he put up from time to time, and so the separate power and control made sense. In your case, this scheme would be good because all that weight can stay on the floor on a compact little rollaway shelf thingy, tucked in a corner or under a bench until the track comes down. A couple quick hookups for the power to the track and it's ready to race!
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How are you going to wire through those holes with a glued and nailed skin on the top AND bottom?
No kidding! That's one classy track. I bet he'd be stiff competition for some of those other custom track builders out there. The things he's doing here could be done with any track system. Clearly he's a superb craftsman, so I would imagine routing track would come with ease as well. If he ever wants to make money on these, I bet he could. ;-)
Looks fantastic! I can see why you'd be having so much fun.
Go get some Carrera muscle cars, man. they're cheap, tough, and would look great on that track.
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