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Results from Oaklands Park 32 Sport:-

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Race results:-

With a visit from **** trying out the new Mid American (Pheonix FK) motor against the normal Hawk 7's and Hawk Retro motors and with Sandy starting to make her comeback 11 of us set to do battle in 1/32 sports. The "C" final was a bit of a family affair with granddad Frank and grand kids James and Emma racing, Frank took the lead but he and James were swapping positions all through the first segment with frank having the advantage by 10/100ths of a lap and Emma 3 laps behind, and that's how it stayed until the end with Frank 1st, James 2nd and an ever trying Emma (now the proud owner of her own controller) 3rd. In the "B" final was Dave, Ian, Sue and ****, **** took the lead followed by Dave, Ian and Sue, Sue passed Ian in the 2nd Segment only for him to get it back in the 3rd and that's how it finished with **** 1st, Dave 2nd, Ian 3rd and Sue 4th. In the "A" final was Greg with one of the fastest qualifying laps ever, Brian, Sandy and Steve. Brian was first out of the blocks followed very closely by Greg, and that's how it stayed until the end despite Brian losing the lead to Greg on a couple of occasions and the racing being very close with some ding dong battles between them all, so it was Brian 1st (and making the tea), Greg 2nd, Steve 3rd and Sandy 4th. Driver of the night must go to Emma for not only getting better every time she races but thinking about what she is doing (Sandy watch out ) and the top 3 were Brian, Greg and ****.

Thanks Sandy xx


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