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1/32nd Falcon Sports - 28th December 2018 -Last club night of 2018

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1/32nd Falcon Sports - 28th December 2018

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Race Report:-

With a few of the regulars not there we still had a decent turnout of 15 to race in the final race of 2018, 1/32 sports. In the "D" final was Robbie, Geoff and Grace, Robbie was quick off the mark and took the lead which he never lost followed by Geoff who gave him a good run for his money and Grace who improves every time she races doing a very credible 25 laps on green and that's how they finished. In the "C" final was Frank, son Derek, Sue and Rich, it was Sue in the lead after the 1st segment followed by Rich, Derek and Frank, in the 2nd segment Rich took the lead from Sue who was followed by Derek and Frank and that's how they all finished, Rich 1st, Sue 2nd, Derek 3rd and Frank 4th. In the "B" final was Dave the landlord, Simon,Trevor and the "gaffer" Ralph, It was Dave who was in the lead after the 1st segment followed by Simon, Ralph and Trevor who broke a lead wire early on and borrowed Sue's car which he could not get on with, at the end of the 2nd segment Dave still had 2/100ths of a lap lead over Simon and then Ralph and Trevor but it did not take Simon long too pass Dave and that's how it finished with Ralph 3rd and Trevor 4th.In the "A" final was Brian, Mick, Sandy who had borrowed one of Brian's cars and Greg. Brian was unusually last out of the start (too many mince pies) and at the end of the 1st segment it was Sandy who had a 15/100ths of a lap lead over Brian followed by Mick and Greg, Brian then took the lead in the 2nd segment which he kept until the end with Sandy 2nd, Mick 3rd and Greg 4th. Driver of the night goes to Grace and the top three were Brian, Sandy and Mick.

See you all in the new year Sandy xx


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